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How to Help Stray & Feral Cats

Be a part of the humane & compassionate solution!


Though we often use the term “feral cats,” the cats roaming the streets are often not feral at all. A better term for these cats is “community cats,” or “free-roaming cats.” These terms encompass not only feral cats that have never been socialized to humans, but also stray cats (cats that have either been lost or abandoned and are friendly, even if somewhat shy). What can you do about them?


Spay/neuter the stray and feral cats in your neighborhood using Trap-Neuter-Return

Provide daily food and shelter from inclement weather. 
We use:

  • Feralvilla houses

  • Homemade Rubbermaid shelters with straw

  • lectro kennel pads

  • Microwaveable disks

  • Heated water bowls


Please contact us for more ideas

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