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Sick & Injured Cats

SIC Program

Thanks to the Joanie Bernard Foundation for supporting many costs of this program.

If you are assisting community cats ("stray/feral") who are sick or injured, and need financial assistance in their recovery, please contact us about the SIC Program.

At SCOOP we care for the old, the sick, the abused and the injured. Hospice care is nearly constant—yet we're not numb to the deep heartache that we feel so often.

Through the SIC Program, SCOOP assists the Cincinnati community with sick, injured and abused stray and feral cats by helping fund their medical care. *Program temporarily halted.*

  • What is the SIC program?
    This program provides small financial grants for people who help sick or injured stray/feral cats, called free-roaming cats. It is available through SCOOP as funds allow.
  • Who is eligible?
    Community members with no affiliation as a volunteer, staff or Board member of a rescue organization (501(c)(3) or other). We assist people living in the Ohio counties of Hamilton, Clermont, Butler, and Warren. We cannot serve as an auxiliary for rescue organizations. Rather, our funds assist those community members who are helping stray/feral cats. Rescue organizations can refer community members to us.
  • How do I receive an application?
    Email us with details of the situation at, or private message us in the inbox of our Facebook page.
  • How quickly are grants approved?
    Immediately when we receive the application back. .We will notify you of approval and we will then contact Jaax Veterinary Hospital. You then will make the appointment.
  • Is this program income based?
    No, it is not. SCOOP representatives believe that anyone who cares about a stray or feral cat is providing a community service and helping the greater good of our society. SCOOP helps compassionate people of all income levels.
  • What if our pet cat was rescued?
    While we encourage people to adopt or foster rescued kittens and cats, that cat you have been feeding on your porch for months/years, or the one you took into your home is considered your pet and is not eligible through our program. If a cat due to injuries or illness must be taken into someone’s home, we need to be contacted immediately—within 24 hours. If you need low-cost pet care, please visit Pets In Need.
  • Can we use the grant money at our vet clinic?
    No, you cannot. We send money directly to Jaax Veterinary Hospital. For an emergency visit after hours, we will grant funds to the emergency hospital if we are notified prior to that visit, or while the cat is there.
  • I just paid the bill. Can I receive reimbursement?
    No, we do not reimburse for bills previously incurred.
  • Can I apply for more than one cat at the same time?
    Yes, you may.
  • Does the grant money approved expire?
    Yes, you have two weeks to use the funds and then will need to reapply if you need the assistance. We cannot “save” funds while other animals are in need.
  • That cat disappeared, but there is another one in need. Can I use the grant for that cat?"
    No, you must reapply with the details of the cat, illness, or injury.
  • How much of the bill will SCOOP cover?
    Our typical upper limit is $200.00 per cat. During times of low funds, it is less. Dr. Jaax works hard to keep the bill within that limit but will notify you if more funds are needed to see if you want to proceed with medical care.
  • Will the cat be spayed or neutered?
    If the cat’s health allows this without danger, it will be altered. We cannot pay extra charges though for such routine services as vaccines, combo testing, etc.
  • I cannot transport the cat because I do not have a car. What can I do?
    We suggest finding someone who can transport to and from the vet clinic. You can join a Facebook group called “OAR Community Cats” to find like-minded people helping stray or feral cats.
  • Will you trap the cats?
    No, we provide grants.
  • Where can I get traps?
    Various organizations such as Ohio AlleyCat Resource will loan you a trap for a deposit, which will be returned to you.
  • The cat will need medication for a week. What do I do?
    You will need to contain the cat and medicate, find someone who can, or ask the vet clinic about their daily hospitalization fee.
  • How can I medicate a cat I cannot touch?
    This is done all of the time. Medication can be put in canned food once or twice a day for seven to ten days, or for as long as needed. The plate of food would need to be monitored to make sure the right cat gets it if there are multiple outdoor cats.
  • Will you help me relocate this cat?
    No, we will not. Relocation should be an absolute last resort. To take a cat from its outdoor home and place it in an unfamiliar environment is a death sentence for that cat. They will become disoriented and be subject to predators, cars and cruel people.
  • This is a tame cat. Will SCOOP take it?
    No. We are a granting organization.
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