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What We Do


SCOOP, Inc, is dedicated to eliminating suffering and overpopulation among stray and feral cats through non-lethal methods, as well as promoting compassion, dignity, and respect for all living beings.

All-volunteer nonprofit

SCOOP is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), organization that is completely staffed by volunteers. Our board members receive no pay. All proceeds benefit cats and the community.

The operation of SCOOP's special needs sanctuary is a minimum of $4,500.00 monthly for daily and medical care.

Special-Needs Sanctuary

SCOOP cares for many dozens of sick, injured and abused kittens and cats with heart disease, kidney disease, FIV, leukemia, cancer, asthma, epilepsy, blindness, diabetes, etc. All cats receive the best possible daily and medical care, and Hospice care when necessary.

Community cats

SCOOP also assists the Cincinnati community with sick, injured and abused stray and feral cats by helping fund their medical care. This is through the Sick and Injured Cat (SIC) Program. Thanks to the Joanie Bernard Foundation for helping us fund this program. In addition to this program, SCOOP has funded the spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations for over 3000 free-roaming cats. **Program temporarily halted.**

No-Kill Movement

SCOOP has joined the national advocacy movement for a no-kill nation. Every year many millions of kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs are killed in county shelters simply because there is not enough space for them.

Our Goals

  • To encourage community involvement that will lessen suffering and reduce overpopulation among cats

  • To use education to heighten public awareness of, and compassion for, the millions of suffering homeless cats

  • To continue caring for the rescued cats, many with special needs, currently maintained by SCOOP

  • To find loving permanent homes for adoptable rescued cats

Our vision

  • All cats will be cared for in loving homes, or in maintained and stable feral colonies.

  • The current solution of euthanasia will no longer be a method used for controlling cat overpopulation.

  • Cat overpopulation will be successfully controlled through education of the public combined with low-cost and no-cost spay/neuter programs.

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